Online Understanding the Menopausal Skin


The menopausal skin is a multi-faceted, skin condition, which has a wide range of outward changes to its appearance. These can be severe hormonal changes, such as those caused by Oestrogen deficiency’s, through to the keratolytic disorders, such as seborrheic keratosis that are benign but unsightly.
If we totalled the skin conditions, and disorders commonly found in a menopausal skin, we would learn that seven out of 10 skin conditions are epidermal.
This tells us that it is possible by practising the Corneotherapy methodology of treating the epidermis first,  you can make a difference to these skin conditions; providing you understand the cells and systems affected.

The course includes the following subjects:

  • The menopausal skin is a multifaceted skin condition that has a wide range of outward changes to its appearance and can present a wide range of skin conditions with both epidermal and dermal localization.
  • Learn about all of the various cells and systems that are affected by changes is the endocrine system, and how they present as skin conditions.
  • Discover that 7 out of 10 menopausal skin conditions are epidermal in nature and related to the skin barrier defence systems.
  • The best practice approach to treatment philosophy of the menopausal skin.Typical completion time  1 hour, 45 minutes. This micro-credential is awarded 2 CPD points or 2.7 CE’s


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