Online Essentials of Wound Healing and Skin Repair


This course is designed for practitioners who plan to offer treatments that may trigger the wound healing process. These would include dermal needling (CIT), medical needling, chemical resurfacing and Microdermabrasion, IPL & Laser hair reduction, laser & IPL skin rejuvenation.
By understanding what is occurring during the triggering of the process by mechanical or heat application, the therapist will be better informed on the potential risks and unintended outcomes. Topics include:

• Understanding the wound healing proccess
• Understanding scar tissue
• Anatomy & physiology of the hair (Relative to light based hair reduction)
• Best practice dermal needling technique

This course is ideal for Beauty Therapists or Estheticians who intend to move toward device-based treatment procedures.

Typical completion time 4.5-5 hours. This micro-credential is awarded 5 CPD points


All of these courses consist of a series of lessons, each consisting of reading materials followed by a video presentation and then on to an assessment covering the lesson content.  These assessments feature multiple choice answers, and you need to score a passing grade in order to progress to the next lesson. In courses with shorter lessons, we refer to these assessments as quizzes. To assist you with your assessments/quizzes, some of our courses have a feature we call Quiz Assist® which is a response tool that provides instant feedback when you answer an assessment question incorrectly. Its key benefit is that it shows you where to look for the information in your course notes or presentation to help you answer the question correctly. If your course features Quiz Assist® it will be marked as such. All of our courses are awarded CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points and allow you to download a certificate of completion. Some of our compliance related courses offer other independent certifications from external providers.

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