Halo Polibuild Hybrid Gel 15/04/24 Waterford | 22/04/24 Wexford



Pure Nails PoliBuild is a hybrid product which means its part acrylic and part hard gel making it one of the strongest products you can offer as a nail technician.


€175  Not Including Kit

€350 Including Kit

*Model needed for this course

All Deposits are non- refundable and non-transferable.

Kit List:

N867 Polybuild kit

N1180 files

N2905 Prep & wipe

TB2055 nippers

Tri-100 pusher

Juicy drops cuticle oil

E131 Halo Lamp

K9906 Acetone

3400810 wipes

N842 plush brush

1 Colour Halo gel polish


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15/04/24 Waterford with kit, 15/04/24 Waterford without kit, 22/04/24 Wexford with kit, 22/04/24 Wexford without kit