Ageing Process

• Our skin cells are constantly being desquamated, our skin renews itself every 28 days

• Visible ageing of the skin starts at about Age 25 as the natural regenerative process begins to slow down.

• Cell turnover and wound healing gets slower

• After age 45 thinning of the skin occur, part due to hormonal changes making the skin more fragile and more sensitive to environmental factors.

• Collagen and Elastin production is reduced making the skin looser and thinner

• As the skin ages the moisture content of the cells is depleted and their ability to retain water is reduced, Skin generally becomes drier

• Fat cells are reduced making it look less plump

• Underlying Bone structure becomes more evident

• Muscle tone decreases

• Uneven pigmentation occurs- Lentigo

• Areas that have been exposed to the sun will show more lines and Wrinkles

• Blood circulation slows down

• Meabolisim Slows Down

• Fine lines and wrinkles appear

• Types of ageing- Premature Ageing (Hormonal Factors- Early Menopause, Bad skin care, Smoking Diet), Environmental Ageing (Sun Exposure, Wind and other weather conditions), Natural Ageing, Hormonal Ageing (Menopause)


• Hormonal changes in your body often show up in your skin, During Puberty it is normal for the skin to become oilier and for perspiration to become stronger. Adolescent Acne is a very common condition in teenagers due to the burst of hormones.


• With the loss of oestrogen from the body, Skin changes are accelerated speeding up the ageing process

• Many skin conditions can develop including Hirsuitisim- Excess Hair growth